Ann began freelancing professionally before the Internet was around to archive her publications and when the formats weren’t conducive to today’s scanners.  Here are some examples of more recent work:


  • “Civics Is More Than Voting” in the Philadelphia Inquirer (2005)

  • “A Barrier That’s Strangely Moving” in the Philadelphia Inquirer (2010)

  • “Romance of the Toads – Al Fresco & ‘Music'” in AOL’s Chestnut Hill Patch (2011)

  • “Let’s Tackle Sports Injuries” in MetroKids (2010)

  •  “Goats As Garden Tools – A New Study by FOW” in AOL’s Chestnut Hill Patch (2011)

  •  “Restorative Practices”

  • “Drilling Tax for Breakfast?” in AOL’s  Abington Patch  (2011)

  •  “Move It or Lose It” & “Don’t Ignore Flashers, Floaters”  in Milestones (Philadelphia Corporation for Aging)

  • “A Journey Through the Wissahickon” in AOL’s Chestnut Hill Patch (2011)

  • “Master Naturalists Connect Environment…” in AOL’s  Roxborough Patch (2012)